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3/27/2022 A.

Rochel No. 133= acknowledges everything I've achieved in the game of love thus far, and ey sees that I'm a true romantic. However, what impresses Rochel the most is my ability to be realistic when the situation demands it. I'm a realistic lover who isn't spellbound by the marketing charms of romantic flicks, and Rochel would like me to continue my search for a relationship with the same mindset, as ey believes that doing so is important for me to remain happy.

I've been frustrated and a bit confused as to how the relationship with my new soulmate could ever replace the affections I have for my late soulmate, and this has made me kind of depressed about its future involvement in my life. but, due to the fact that Angel No. 133 is a true symbol of awareness and enlightenment, I can also interpret it as a sign that things are about to become less confusing in my love life. Therefore, Rochel is telling me that no longer will I find it so difficult to communicate with my soulmate, as we look to be set up to enter a sustained period of stability and security. Yet, ey doesn't specify which one? Rochel wants me to understand that every relationship needs work; an investment of time, affection and energy. So, ey asks me not to take my partner for granted and to try to keep the passion between the two of us alive.

Also, Rochel asks that I don't call it quits too soon. It isn't realistic for me to expect a joyous and harmonious love life all the time. If I weather the storm, I'll end up growing with my partner and our union will evolve into something beautiful in the long run. After all, no rainbow comes without rain!

At the same time, Rochel asks that I don't become a prisoner in this relationship. It's best to keep this relationship open, and if our love life becomes doldrum, devoid of affection or completely irreparable, I can always call things off and shouldn't hesitate to move on with my life.

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