3/28/2022 A.

Seheiah No. 446= The Angel No. 446 is often referred to as s social number. This is because the message touches on our relationships with our loved ones.

Lately, I have been a little distant with my mother, which has caused some friction between her and I. This friction has given room for feelings of resentment to develop. The situation has become dire at this point, and I'm being advised to sort out our problems by showing more concern and affection to her. The sooner I do this; the better.

All relationships face some tough times, and ours is no different. Seheiah sent me the Angel No. 446 to tell me this message. "As hardship is part of any normal relationship, remain positive and strong in yours. no matter how tough it gets, you need to keep the faith. There is light at the end of this tunnel."

As such, I need to make a habit of sitting down and discussing whatever issues we're facing in our relationship, as this practice is a great way to pull through the tough times.

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