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3/29/2022 A.

Pahaliah No. 1144= As a whole, this message speaks of both change and stability. In a nutshell, Pahaliah is telling me that it's my job to find a balance. My intuition and inner wisdom are in the foreground right now, so why not use them? I'm more than capable of finding solutions to all my problems. However, ey says that sometimes we have to change our perspective to succeed.

For example, if I think I'm not good enough at a job, I should reconsider my opinion, as I'm actually on the right path with this job. Even if it feels all wrong to me, I shouldn't second-guess the direction I've taken. I may be feeling this way because I lack confidence, but Pahaliah assures me that I needn't second-guess myself in my Lifes' Work. The Angels are readily offering me help if I need it, I just have to ask for it.

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