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3/29/2023 A

Cronus No. 800= I've been feeling beat up and broken down as of late, so I feel like I need a long vacation. This No. 800 resonates with the traits of stability and reliability. I've been seeing this number for a few days now, and Cronus is telling me that I'm a person that can be relied upon anytime. I'm on my close friends' speed dial because I can always be expected to get them out of a bad situation. I'm also the first person they want to talk to when they're feeling happy or sad.

When there's a major decision to be made, my opinion matters. People turn to me for advice because I'm wise beyond my years, and I live a life that's surrounded by peace and harmony.

Cronus is reminding me that these are my strengths, and I should use them to get myself closer to my goals. I have achieved this stability in my life because of all the hard work I've done and the determination I have, and Cronus applauds me for this.

This No. 800 also symbolizes the vibrations of achievement and success. These are on the horizon for me, so I should just keep doing what I'm doing! I need to remember that the Angels are with me to offer support and guidance. He says I should do everything I can, and the Angels will take care of the rest. He also tells me to work hard and keep myself inspired so that even on bad days, I'll still be able to overcome them. Cronus tells me to strive forward because I'm on the right path, and nothing can stand in the way of my dreams and ambitions.

This No. 800 is a gentle reminder to keep living my life with honesty and integrity as well. There will be many temptations, distractions and challenges along the way, but I should remain determined enough to keep moving forward. Crous says that I possess a personal strength that can get me out of the worst situations, and I have the power to accomplish anything that I set my mind to. I should mention here that my Expression number is 8.

Cronus wants me to keep my thoughts positive and only focus on things that I want to manifest in my life. My mind is more powerful than I think, and if I think about something hard enough, it can come true sooner or later. He wants me just to try and focus on all my blessings and everything that I'm grateful for. Whenever I'm having a bad day, I should just think about everything I'm thankful for, and that will keep things in perspective.

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