3/3/2022 B.

Ascended Masters No. 44= is one of those numeral sequences that often carries a powerful spiritual meaning and a much-needed message from the Angels and Ascended Masters. Therefore, when we see this Angel number, we need to make sure to heed it because it could be trying to tell us to embrace our spiritual mission. As such, they're sending me this No. 44 sign to encourage me to enjoy my time on earth and they remind me that I can always ask for help and support whenever I feel lost.

The Ascended Masters tell me that I should focus on positive energies because it will have a great influence on how happy I am in life.

They mention that paying attention to a lot of negativities will only get me down, so it's time to change my mindset and perspective on life. Therefore, I'll need to take a moment and analyze the kind of situations or people that have a negative impact on my life. They tell me to listen to my intuition and have faith & courage enough to cut them off when the time comes. The moment I detach myself from them, I'll be able to start afresh while also feeling lighter and more peaceful in the process. As such, I will bloom- even under relentlessly hard conditions.

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