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3/30/2022 A.

Gabriel No. 300= The twenty-first Hebrew letter "sheen" means "appointed time." This is because the root number of 21 is 3, which indicates that God will appear in time (No.7; 3x7=21).

In the Hebrew alphabet, the character sheen or shin is used to represent the number 300, so, we need to understand that the spiritual No. 300 means "Allah Appears." You see, the root number of 300 is 3, which represents God (Allah) of the Wholly flock (3x100).

Rabbis picture shin in a sacred yet unspoken way. The letter is even engraved on a mezuzah containing a scroll of scriptures, and this letter is associated with Gods' name "Shaddai," which means destroyer and nurturer.

The root word of sheen means "teeth," but Christians picture sheen as the "Light of God." Light can both nurture living things like plants, or it can destroy them by drying them out. Teeth can also assist in chewing and digesting food, or teeth can be used to bite a foe.

The letter sheen looks like three tethered balloons. In fact, these aren't tethered balloons, they are the planets Mercury (my ruling planet), Venus and Earth- in that order. The seed appears above the planet Earth because the messiah appears on Earth. The planet Mercury stands for "The Law" and Venus stands for "The Prophets, which has something to do with my new soulmates' ruling planet. These three planets are tethered or connected to the Sun! and the Sun is the astronomical object which is considered to be the symbol of the holy spirit leading us to Gods' World of Tomorrow, which is depicted in the 21st tarot card of The World. But this is more generally meant to represent the "Pneuma Ghost," which is the one who creates, the one who reveals the true nature of Allah to us.

Sheen represents the Sun, which is our Light of God in this solar system. Mercury and Venus appear as "Zayin" (The sword of justice), but the Earth is a "Vav" (Man). This is because after the law and prophets of God are sent, God sends his son!

Gabriel wants me to note that when the seed appears above the first planet of Mercury, the name of the letter changes to "seen." This is the purpose of "The Law:" to show us our sins. Ey is mentioning this because I'm working on the Demonic aspect of my Ring Deck, and it is taking some physical tolls on my body, which is raising my concerns about the wisdom of doing this work.

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