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3/31/2022 A.

Israfil No. 1221= Last night, I had some wild dreams playing doctor with my new soulmate, and Israfil wants me to realize that life is too short to not live it to the fullest. Ey is calling on me to actively pursue my dreams before it's too late. Now is the time to let go of any and all negativity in my life, and Israfil is asking me not to let my fears or doubts keep me from working towards my goals.

Israfil wants me to take this as a sign of motivation and determination to kickstart my passion with my new soulmate. Be warned that there will be challenges as we move forward though. Yet, we can and will overcome them if we maintain a positive mindset.

The appearance of Angel No. 1221 indicates that our relationship is about to change, as it means that we are making an advancement to the next level of our relationship. that being said, Israfil also wants to mention that my heart will need some protecting, as I might be falling in love too easily and this will cause me to become too vulnerable.

Israfil is referring to my vertex placement in my astrology chart, and how it indicates that I have a tendency to fall in love at first sight. As such, ey says that I need to be loved as much as I love the one I'm with. Israfil mentions that I'm filled will compassion and dedication, but I require that the same type of energy is returned to me in kind.

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