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3/31/2022 B.

Lelahel No. 1155= I realized that my Ring Deck needed seven card designs instead of six. this is because each arcana needs its own design so they can be easily separated, and I had the same design assigned to the major and minor arcana. This is when Lelahel showed me the Angel No. 1155, and the No. 3 is what we come up with when we reduce No. 1155 to its lowest term: 1+1+5+5= 12, 1+2= 3.

The No. 3 resonates with the energy of creativity, expansion, spontaneity and miracles in this form. This is because it's associated with the Holy Trinity and the Descended Masters, so the vibration of this No. 3 promises the assistance of a higher power in my affairs. This root No. 3 helps me awaken the divine spark of enlightenment within me, helping me get in touch with my inner wisdom by aligning my thoughts with the will of the Divine Source, which want nothing but the best for all of us. As such, I will be activating my power to attract a positive outcome in my endeavors.

In hindsight, this helped me come up with an inspired design very quickly, thanks to the fact that Lelahel is an Angel for artists and helps us with our expression of art in society.

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