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3/6/2023 A

I haven't seen any Daddy longlegs for some time, but Muriel sent me a young one with a message this morning. Not long after, Israfil sang me the song "Black is the color" by Secret Shy, and the Daddy longlegs is a creature that radiates love and trust. In spiritual terms, it's known for its kindness and care for other spiritual creatures. It's even thought to be Mans' second best friend after the Dog.

Daddy longlegs are said to rarely be sent on missions, and this one is a sign of Divine guidance. In this case, the spiritual significance can be interpreted as a sign of protection, prosperity and luck. Seeing one in my home is an indication that I'm being watched over and cared for. It's also a sign that my financial worries will soon be relieved, and that good luck is on its way.

In summary, the spiritual meaning of this Daddy longlegs inside my house is one of love and trust. It's thought to be a messenger from the Divine that I'm being watched over and that good fortune is headed my way. note that my cat was always telling me that she trusted me and that she had black hair.

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