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3/6/2023 AB

Right after I finished writing the previous article, that same raven from last Friday showed up again, but this time it was sent by the Triple Goddess.

When I was writing about Saturn in Scorpio earlier this morning is when Israfil sung me the song "Black is the color," and this song is about mourning a loved ones' death, which is what I've been going through because my beloved loyal black cat passed away last week.

Ravens are often thought of as solitary birds, but in fact their behavior can be very collaborative. You see, they work together with their mate to build nests and raise their young. And amazingly, they also cooperate with other animals. I should note here that my cat wasn't just a beloved pet, she was my familiar who helped me in countless ways physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The ravens' ariel perspective allows them to see carrion from a long way off, and they're not afraid to share that info with others. In fact, they're thought to deliberately alert large predators like wolves or coyotes. The reason they do so is because these bigger animals can tear into the carcass of the dead animal and make it a whole lot easier for the baby ravens to digest their food after its been tenderized a bit. As such, this raven is carrying a message about working with others. without my familiars' help, I'm facing a big challenge and I'm not sure whether or not I'll be able to finish my Ring Deck without her. The Triple Goddess is encouraging me to seek out help and support from others. This message is about partnership in relation to my professional and personal life.

Amongst the varied diet of ravens is dead or dying animals. Therefore, they're often associated with death. That's sometimes perceived as a bad omen, but it's important to remember that death in a spiritual sense relates to transformation. Seeing this raven again this morning is therefore a sign that there's another dramatic change on the way. This might be a change I'm already anticipating. She knows that the experience of change can sometimes be difficult, and that can be the case even if it relates to something I've been wanting for for a long time, but this raven carries the message that it's a necessary process in order for me to move onto a new phase in my life.

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