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3/9/2023 A

Israfil No. 1111= As I was finishing up cleaning my bedroom for the Feast of unleavened bread next month, Israfil sent me this sign.

This No. 1111 is a calling card meant to raise my awareness and help guide me to a higher level of spiritual awareness of existence. I finished my Time tier of the weekdays this morning after several months, but Israfil is already sending me a spiritual wake up call.

When the Divine wants to get our attention, it has a specific process of doing so. Israfil wants me to know that the Divine knows what I can handle. It doesn't want to overwhelm me by throwing too much at me at once, but this No. 1111 is a subtle call to my subconscious mind to open myself up to new possibilities and new opportunities. Israfil wants me to imagine myself sleeping and my beloved Archangel gently nudging me awake, because this No. 1111 sign is that nudge. It's a way of letting me know that forces are stirring in my life, and I need to be aware of them.

The sequence of 1111 can show up in any number of places, but Israfil has put it where ey's sure it'll get my attention. As such, this number sequence acts as a prompt telling me: "Be aware, more information to come." While it's important to be aware when this information arrives, it's not something I can actively search for in my life. It's just something that needs to wash over me. it has to appear to me in natural ways rather than something forced.

The No. 1111 is usually the first message sent out by the Divine. It's Israfils' way of saying "Listen up, I need to talk to you." It usually appears over and over until we acknowledge it, but I believe I got it the first time around. Once we recognize it initially, then the signs will begin to change according to the specifics of the message that the Divine is trying to send.

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