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4/16/2022 A.

Raphael No. 440= As I was once again wrapping up some of my work on the Ring Deck, Raphael gave me this sign, which means that I'll be given a higher understanding and receive so much love. No. 440 is about a new beginning; one that could bring me true happiness.

Raphael says that I'm in a time of transition and letting go. This may be hard, but my spiritual growth will become stronger if I get through this period.

The Angels are working with me now in order to help me on my journey and give me the strength to move forward into a beautiful new life.

This Angel No. 440 meaning is that I'm in a period of time whereby I'm experiencing great healing and growth. Therefore, Raphael wants me to know that it will take courage to move forward into my new life, but the rewards will far outweigh any obstacles along the way.

The Angels have a message of encouragement for me as well. "Enjoy all the blessings coming your way as they surround you with light and love."

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