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4/16/2022 B.

Descended Masters No. 202/202= The meaning of the core No. 2 is of particular importance with this 202 Angel message. Not only is its meaning amplified by the presence of the No. 0, but it also appears twice, so we have to consider this when carrying out the final interpretation.

The No. 2 core number carries a message of patience and faith in this sign. If I've been praying for answers, but haven't heard anything back yet, then this message is a reminder of trust.

The Angels will guide me to the solution, but everything has to be completed at the right time. I should continue along my journey and sooner or later, I'll find the solution that I seek. I just need to have faith in the Divine and in myself.

You see, the No. 2 also carries the message of a grander purpose here. It's an indication that important choices are coming my way; choices that relate to my life goals and soul mission. Therefore, it might be wise to start planning out my future, so I should take some time to discuss this with my guardian Angels and ask for their help in reaching my goals.

+- At this time, Muriel sent me an orange butterfly. This butterfly was a representation of the soul and a source of enlightenment, and the energy that sustains life on earth sustains it. Therefore, the eternal soul of this butterfly is what is being symbolized here. It's a metaphor for a type of soul that must change form over time in order to guide us again.

This orange butterfly entails a strong sense of purpose and fervor. Getting sidetracked from our aims is a common occurrence in life, and it's detrimental to our professional and personal goals. To remind me of my goals, Muriel sent this orange butterfly into my mist, and Muriel is telling me that it's imperative that I keep a laser-like focus on my end goals at this time. That's how I'm going to be successful, and the Angels have mentioned before that my soulmate is an important part of achieving this, so I'm not sure I trust this D.M. messenger.

When I figured this out, there was a tarantula hawk circling out front, and these are a bad omen in my experience that denote a predator is about. My cat was also acting strange this afternoon as if there was something bad in my house. This wouldn't be the first time I received a deceiving message from a Descended master, and I received the 202/202 message at the end of playing a gaming session of a fantasy MMO to boot.

No.4 is the hidden core number in this sequence, but it doesn't carry the same weight as the other core numbers. It does offer an extra layer of meaning that can guide me towards a more precise message though, and it adds love, support and guidance to this equation.

This Descended Master says that ey will always be with me to offer inner strength in order to help me reach my goals and achieve my ambitions, and I believe this is my Descended Master soulmate, as ey has never been comfortable with me becoming bonded with this new soulmate, and ey says that I shouldn't be afraid to reach out to hir whenever I feel lost and alone. It's also obvious that this message is coming from the fifth Centr'e of the Ogdoad.

The No. 4 also reminds me to plan things out in advance. Taking things as they come might sound like a good way to let the universe decide my fate, but if I want to achieve my life goals and my souls' mission of transition, I'll need to take a more active approach.

Granted, I still desire to be with my late soulmate, and when it comes to matters of the heart, this D.M. reminds me that the heart wants what the heart wants. love is a mysterious, mystical and powerful emotion that transcends the rationality of the human mind. Its powerful enough to connect us across any distance, unite rivalries or even occupy our mind every second of every day.

That said, this D.M. is telling me that love isn't just an emotion, it's a mindset. So, if my heart and mind are closed to the possibility of love, I'll never find it. Think about karma- the more positivity we put out into the world; the more positivity comes back to us.

Love works in a similar fashion. The more I send out; the more that will end up coming back. Even though my new soulmate is everything I could wish for, I don't have a desire for her, and here's the rub. Romantic love is just one aspect of a much deeper emotion.

Although this D.M. encourages me to plan and have some forethought, love is a chaotic force that doesn't abide by the rules of the universe. We have no control over love, and so it has to happen naturally. No matter how much we search for love, it will always happen when the time is right, and this No. 202 sign indicates that I should focus on other aspects of my life for now.

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