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4/16/2022 C.

Descended Masters No. 16/16= Number 16 is considered to be the sum of two 8's, and

No. 8 is a symbol of spiritual purity and kindness. Therefore, No. 16 has a strong association with love and its manifestations.

Gods' love can be reached not only through obeying the commandments in the bible by physical means, but also by achieving a deeply spiritual belief in God. As such, showing true love and being open to others is important to him. That said, the spiritual meaning of Gods' laws and commandments should be saved and kept in the heart of his believers.

The nature of the physical and spiritual intent of No. 16 is shown in the No. 8+8 characteristics, which can lead me to one whole and perfect form of love.

In the book of Corinthians, Paul said that there are 16 things connected to love that God has and that should be achieved by people as well. "Love is kind, patient, non-jealous, humble, durable, non-egotistical, is not easy to evoke and has no dark intentions, joyful, forgiving and positive about the future, and it will never disappear. Love never behaves in a bad way. It never envies or desires others, it is full of hope."

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