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4/17/2022 A.

Rochel No. 255= Angel No. 255 symbolizes the feeling of being surrounded by love, care and support. Rochel is telling me to rely on my intuition in making decisions that will be best for me. I must learn to trust myself, as I have the ability to make things happen!

The No. 255 is about self-worth, knowing who I really am and what my value is in this world. Therefore, Rochel says I need to surround myself with positive people who will help me on my road to success and spiritual growth, and both my soulmates have mentioned their desire to help me with my Lifes' work.

Rochel also wants me to forgive myself for past mistakes and move forward with my Lifes' purpose. This is because I feel guilty about my late soulmates' untimely demise.

Rochel says that I'm more then capable of being happy. In order to achieve happiness, knowing who I am and what I want is essential. The Angels will support my endeavors in life as long as I continue to listen, pay attention and follow my intuition, and my intuition tells me that I need more loving support in my life.

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