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4/17/2022 B.

When I was about to lay down and go to sleep for the night yesterday, a brown moth landed on my pillow. This is a signal from the Triple Goddess reminding me to connect to things that are useful and grounded.

This situation is concerning who I should choose to go to bed with or who I should focus my romantic desires on, as she says I have been paying attention to things that are irrelevant and too high. Instead, I should look in other places, because my answers will be found there.

Such an event means that I must be extra careful in my life, and that in some way, my soul family is about to face an enemy that is not using its full powers of persuasion yet, but very soon it will.

+- The next morning, I went to the front door to feed the kittens, and a daddy long-leg walked up and stood in the middle of the doorway. This means that I have cecum to a change in my perspective as a result of some development, which was a surprise in my life, and the massage from my Descended Master soulmate was definitely that

(see message 4/16/2022 B.).

The Triple Goddess is telling me that right now, her advice is to go with the flow and embrace what is coming my way, as this change will lead to a deeper understanding, new concepts and ideas, and a changing of my outlook on life.

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