4/19/2022 A.

Seheiah No. 339= I couldn't stop dreaming about my new soulmate last night and this morning Seheiah told me that someone is coming, and with the right attitude, I will get that person who makes me a better version of myself, makes me happy and gives more life to my energy. This could mean that the person I'm going to meet is someone whom I will have something permanent with.

Due to my lifestyle of independence as a hermit, I may feel that I have lost the charm and socialization skills needed to pull this off. I have been asking the Angels how I can get to know my soulmate when it seems we are so far apart in our ages and social circles, but Seheiah tells me not to trouble myself about any of this, as I will see that this will come naturally with the right individual. and when this new chapter in my life opens up fully, I will wonder and try to remember what it was that made me lose interest in being with people in the first place.

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