4/2/2022 A.

Raphael No. 220= wants to tell me that I should really take more care in how I exercise my actions and behaviors.

Yesterday, I was getting angry because people started calling on the phone and bothering me while I was trying to do something that required my focus and full attention. as a result, Raphael is telling me that I'm a strong personality type that has goals I want to achieve, but I need to try not to hurt others along the way.

Raphael suggests that if I'm facing obstacles and problems in life, I should try to let them pass. as Problems aren't always meant to be solved by direct actions. If I force things in life, I'll never be satisfied, so I should try to let go of my fears. This message came to me as I was having an epiphany about the fact that Satan is called "that old serpent:" The Dragon, because ey is representing or acting as our Gods' kundalini- just as our own kundalini acts as the intellectual counterparts and dragon forms of our souls, which progresses our lives. As such, Raphael says that I don't have to be in control all the time. Once I relax and truly feel what it's like to "go with the flow," as it where, all things will come to me much easier.

You see, without such pressure, my creativity will flourish, and I'll be free to do amazing and magical things once again.

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