4/21/2022 A.

Descended Masters No. 421/421= The spiritual aspect of Angel No. 421 is being presented here due to the No. 1, which signifies my intentions in this life.

The Descended Masters of the 5th Centr'e are giving me a message which states that I need to have positive intentions before taking any actions. By thinking positively, I'll only focus on the good and overcome the shortcomings. I can do this by making some changes in my lifestyle such as including yoga and meditation, or by praying and worshipping. By doing these things, I'll make the best use of my mental and physical abilities, which will help me recognize the true essence of my life.

My health plays an important role in my spiritual journey too, and it helps me enhance my relationship with the Divine. They are telling me this because I ate too much junk food yesterday and it made me grouchy, sluggish and diminished all my senses. I need to take care of my own temple before I can hope to build one for others.

By looking into my inner strengths and capabilities, I can enhance my lifestyle and awaken my spiritual self. Therefore, the D.M's are telling me that it's an ideal time to strengthen my connection with the Angels and the Divine, as this will help me solve the questions and concerns I've been dealing with for a long time.

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