4/21/2022 BB.

Ascended Masters No. 88= suggests that I'm on the cusp of a prosperous and abundant spiritual life. My spiritual aptitudes, heightened intuition and mystical connection to the Ascended Masters are spurs of financial abundance and spiritual wealth that informs every aspect of my life.

The high-flying energy of Angel No. 88 comes from a doubling of the vibration of the powerful number 8, and the No. 8 is associated with abundance, career success and personal achievements. You see, when the vibration of No. 8 comes into our life, we find that there are numerous opportunities for success and achievement, all of which can bring financial and material abundance into our life.

When this No. 8 is repeated, it indicates that the abundance and prosperity penetrating every area of our life will be multiplied exponentially.

The Ascended Masters are using this No. 88 sign to tell me that it is time for me to aspire towards the fulfillment of my full potential. This is because the No. 88 is being sent to me as an expression of the highly spiritual root number 7, as No. 88 can be reduced to this through a two-step process: 8+8=16 and 1+6=7.

When the vibration of No. 7 shines through Angel No. 88, it indicates that our spiritual aptitudes and mystical powers are about to become major sources of abundance in our life, so it's important to train our mind to focus on positive outcomes. Therefore, take a moment to watch your thoughts and remain positively focused on what you what to attract into your life.

This is a message of acknowledging me for everything I deserve, and it's a sign of joy and happiness- due to the fact that the A.M's are telling me that I deserve the blessings and goodness I'll be receiving in my life. Enjoy!

I'm being rewarded for listening to my intuition and following my heart. So, I should stay optimistic and positive, because I will end up with even more of what I'm being given.

Now, receiving this message from the Ascended Masters might make me aware of the power of my attraction and how blessings can find their way into ones' life experience. This law of the universe is so simple, and now the Ascended Masters wish to tell me it:

"We attract what we feel that we are."

In light of this, I should always be grateful and happy for what I have, and thank the Divine for all the blessings I have while remaining open to new experiences and opportunities.

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