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4/22/2022 A.

Raphael No. 240= Angel No. 240 is a sign from my guardian Archangel saying that my intuition is extremely important, and that I should pay more attention to it.

The Angels speak to me in many subtle ways; one of these ways is through my inner voice. So, whenever I hear that gentle voice inside of me, or when I feel a strong urge to do something, know this is an Angel speaking and guiding me, and I need to listen to these communications.

As I grow and learn, it will become more familiar to me, and I will form a habit of listening to my inner wisdom and instincts.

That said, Raphael is asking me to focus more on my spirituality and faith. I have been blessed with many gifts, and my diligence and passion will move me forward in life, so I won't have difficulties in which I'm not able to overcome. This is why I've been given the opportunity to be allowed to spend more time developing my spirituality and connecting with the Angels.

Raphael says I'm on the right path at the moment, and the Angels are encouraging me to keep this course. Listen closely to my intuitions and inner voices. Have faith in the Angels and follow their guidance. Trust that they will take care of me and ensure that my needs are met.

Whenever I feel in doubt about something, all I need to do is ask the Divine for help and guidance. In the meantime, I should focus on my spirituality, prayer, meditations and contemplations in order to make my connections with the Angels even stronger. Try to constantly learn and grow more, while using my given skills and talents to speak about love and light. Continue going down the path I'm on and keep my determination, passion and enthusiasm alive. Believe in myself, and I will soon achieve success and reach my dreams. Be optimistic about the future and know that I have put down a solid foundation for success by my efforts so far. Practice positive affirmations and be confident, and everything will turn out in the best way possible.

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