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4/22/2022 B.

I've been hearing songs associated with my late soulmate all morning, and as I was looking out the back arcadia door, a raven flew right over-head and took a good look into my soul. I should note here that the Angels use the raven to symbolize my late soulmates' spirit, and this message indicates that I have the spiritual intelligence to decipher mysteries in the spirit realm.

You see, ravens are intelligent creatures. Therefore, whenever a raven locks eyes with an individual, it is endowing them with its spiritual intelligence and bringing them into a realm of spiritual understanding.

Most of the time, this happens to an individual because they have become destined to be a psychic (note that my soul urge number is the master No. 11; the psychic master number) or a type of medium who will use spiritual powers to proffer solutions for peoples' lives.

This raven was sent to me by Archeangel Muriel, and it has come to tell me that my spiritual intelligence is going to begin to find its expression. This raven did this while flying towards me on my right side, but I recall that the same thing happened when my late soulmate got sick with the covid during the Halloween weekend, yet that raven flew on my left side and locked eyes with me as it was flying away from me in this exact spot, and that moment is still strongly imbedded in my mind today.

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