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4/23/2022 A.

Israfil No. 1111= This message is a wake-up call that is telling me to prepare for something greater to come. I received this sign just after finishing the work on my Ring Deck, which I'd been designing all morning for my major arcana while also having an epiphany as to how to utilize my Ring Deck in a legal and entertaining fashion, and ey states that it's time for me to manifest my intentions and take action towards achieving my vision. Remember: "Thoughts are energy, and energy creates!"

Seeing this particular message for the first time on the last page of my journal titled "Progressions towards my Lifes' purpose" is meant to let me know it's time to take the first step and incite some action, which fits nicely with the title I had already selected for my next journal; "Journey to my best possible life," so I need to follow the signs and trust that I'm being guided in the right direction.

You see, this Angel No. 1111 says it's time for action and faith. And as a divine symbol from Archangel Israfil, it indicates that I'm ready for something to manifest in my life. But ultimately, I must be open to receiving this guidance and respond accordingly.

My present state is the culmination of every choice I've made in life up to this point, and that's because this Ring Deck project is my Lifes' work. It's the product of thoughts and actions, and I will continue to create my own reality with it. As such, I can use my heightened awareness to guide my thoughts and activities while also taking control of my life with it.

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