4/24/2022 A.

Raphael No. 220= This morning, I woke up because I heard crying in my dreams, and this No. 220 message simply says, "please wait."

I had a fight with my mother yesterday evening, and Raphael is telling me that the combination of the No. 2 and No. 0 represents sacred timing.

You see, it takes a while for our prayers to reach the heavens; just as it takes a while for actions to develop into a proper result, but that's the necessary wait time before the factors are ready to be placed in a particular state of our reality. As such, the Angels and our universe are carefully and precisely adjusting to this new development, so I must wait and continue to hope and believe that things will work out until I am able to see the results of these actions. Don't forget that this will affect the outcome of future results and the Angels aren't happy about this new negative development in my life, so I shouldn't be enabling it.

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