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4/24/2022 ABB.

Descended Masters No. 424/424= is calling out to me to be the voice of reason by calming down these battles. There have been arguments in my family, and the D.M's are saying that I should be the voice telling them how to see things and help them find their way. As such, the universe has given me the responsibility, so I should be the diplomat here.

Try too truly listen to what my mother is telling me and ensure that I appreciate the small things in our relationship. This way, I'll avoid the challenges I would have to face if this problem were to get out of hand. The Descended Masters want us to respect and hold one another in high regard, and they are using the No. 424 to let me know that I need to let go of the past. Don't keep bringing up arguments with her. Forget about things that have happened, then work on making things better in our lives. Listen to each other and move forward together.

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