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4/27/2022 C.

Descended Masters No. 27/27= The D. M's have chosen No. 27 because it can tell me a lot about my life and my destiny.

To start with, they want me to understand that 27 is perceived as a symbol of spiritual enlightenment, so I should be more dedicated to my spiritual life. It's time to realize that material things will not make me happy, therefore, it is now time to make myself better in a spiritual sense.

If I take into account the biblical importance of No. 27, I will be able to find the best spiritual path for me and I'll be more ready to accept the Divine assistance from the Angels in this regard, as they only want to help me grow in a spiritual sense and make my faith in the Divine stronger.

+- That said, they want to say that it is interesting to remember that Nostradamus said that the Anti-Christ would come in 1999 and his war would last 27 years.

Boris Yeltsin left office in 1999 and Vladimir Putin took office after that. He lost the office for four years to Dmitry Medvedev from 2008-2012, but then regained the office and remains the President of Russia to this day!

On a different note, No. 27 is often considered to be the symbol of the Holy Spirit. While sometimes, it's said that No. 27 could symbolize the Divine Light; better known as "The Light that is appearing in the Darkness."

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