4/28/2022 A.

Caliel No. 822= Angel No. 822 is a message that has to do with me doing all that is in my power to reach my goals, and that I must give all the effort it requires. Caliel tells me to be steadfast and unyielding, for this Angel number will manifest in its essence when I put in the work. Note that No. 22 is my life path number and No. 8 is the expression number of my natal name.

Caliel says that I'm feeling conflicted about what direction to take, which can make it more difficult to become committed to any endeavor. This is because I'm feeling alone and unsupported at this time, but Caliel says that I have the power within myself to achieve success if I only take the necessary actions.

Angel No. 822 is a sign from Heaven encouraging me to be confident in my abilities and recognize my self-worth so that I can move forward with hope, faith and love. It shows that things aren't as bad as I think they are!

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