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4/28/2022 BB.

Pahaliah No. 1155= Indicates that a major change is on the horizon, and my protective Angels and spirit guides are near at this time, guiding me and helping me navigate these changes.

The changes that are coming represent a major opportunity for me and they may even result in abundance, advancement, expansion and emotional fulfillment.

Often, the changes represented by Angel No. 1155 involve freedom of some kind. But like any form of change, this change may seem frightening at first. Therefore, Pahaliah is using this auspicious Angel number to reassure me about the nature of these coming changes. Ey is telling me to hang in there because everything will turn out in my favor in the end.

The vibrational characteristics of Angel No. 1155 comes from the combined vibrational influences of the numbers 1 and 5.

The vibration of No. 1 resonates with ambition, optimism, positive thinking and the power to manifest our desires into material form. When the No. 1 appears in an Angel number sequence, it carries a message that we are or soon will be in a leadership position, starting a creative project or business venture that has a lot of potential.

The No. 5 resonates with qualities like freedom, adventure, romantic fulfillment and positive changes. When the vibration of the No. 5 is active in our experiences, we find that change is a positive force in our life, arranging random events into opportunities for growth and improvement.

Another way to conceive of the meaning of this Angel number is to think of it as an aspect of its root number 3. This is because the No. 3 is what we come up with when we reduce No. 1155 to its lowest terms (1+1+5+5=12 and 1+2=3).

The No. 3 resonates with the energy of creativity, expansion, spontaneity and miraculous events. Being associated with the Holy Trinity and the Ascended Masters, the vibration of the No. 3 promises the assistance of a higher power in all my affairs. Therefore, this number 3 will help me get in touch with my inner wisdom by aligning my thoughts with the energy of the Divine Source- which wants nothing but the best for all of us. I will be activating my power to attract positive outcomes into my life as a result.

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