4/28/2022 C.

Descended Masters No. 28/28= says there were 28 people who wrote the Old Testament. Some of the most important writers are David, Ezekiel, Hosea, Moses, Solomon, but there were also many others. It's interesting to note that No.13 was mentioned in the bible 28 times, and this is the card number of death or transformation in the tarot. It's also important to say that the longest book in the New Testament is the Book of Acts and it was 28 chapters.

Another biblical fact relevant here is that the Gospel of Matthew has 28 chapters.

If I'm wondering why No. 28 keeps appearing so often, it has something to do with my Lifes' work and my writing skills, and it's clear that it will bring positive changes to me, which means that balance, peace, discipline and determination will become a part of my everyday life.

My communication skills in my work will also become very good, so I don't have to worry about not having a No. 2 or 20 personality type in my life.

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