4/29/2022 A.

Raphael No. 110= This message is telling me to keep myself positive, as I'll be able to connect with the Divine and receive guidance that way. Please value my inner voices, as they'll send me advice and messages through my intuition and concepts. Keep in mind that repeated thoughts and ideas include answers to my wishes.

Concentrate on the Divine and sacred love so my thoughts and beliefs can create an honest reality. Sacred love insists that there is a Divine presence. It points to the spiritual aspect, the joy and the beauty of a relationship as a relationship rather than an object of infatuation or affection. Sacred love is the understanding that there is the presence of a third Divine Being in every interaction; the sacred spirit of the Divine. Poets show us that sacred love is mystical; we can't speak of it directly. It is known through innuendo, receptivity and letting go of our control so that we can be swept away by true love, by our lover in the moment or by the Divine. Therefore, sacred love comes in those moments when we let go. That's when it takes us and carries us higher by an unseen force.

No. 110 also indicates that the Divine is trying to check the strength with which I face myself. If I'm strong-willed in this regard and succeed in balancing my spiritual activities with my desires, I'll be able to endure any path I choose to take. Raphael asks me to believe in the support of the Divine and the Angels, as it will provide me with even more support in this process.

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