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4/30/2022 B.

Lelahel No. 77= As I was going through the dark moon eclipse, I realized why I wasn't attracted to my new soulmate up close. You see, Jinn can't stand being around each other, it's kind of like cosmic siblings who share a disruptive vibe with one another that short circuits their Qi flow and repels them. They can only stand to be in each other's presence until they come into their own, and this is because it usually takes another jinni to awaken one. Jinn are a class of Midwayers and their natural companions in the physical world are Vampires, so they learn that Vampires are attracted to them; and they are attracted to Vampires soon after their awakened. This has nothing to do with sexual compatibility, as this isn't the way Midwayers reproduce themselves. It's more about harmonizing on a spiritual level, and that's because Midwayers always develop a close bond with spirit being when they become awakened or turned. What sex they are means very little. What matters is the fact that Jinn are service oriented and nurturing beings by nature with a great capacity for creating and manifesting things, while Vampires are more destructive hunter like beings who are exploitive takers by nature with an aggressive undertone, so they naturally seek out the abundant energy the Jinn put out; as much as a jinni is always looking for an outlet for their energy, but Regular humans get caught up in the middle of this search. This is due to the fact that Jinn need to help and give to others; just as much as Vampires need to feed on others.

In light of this epiphany, Lelahel is sending me Angel No. 77 as a reminder to develop a deep spiritual connection with the Divine realm. Not only will this give me all the energy and inspiration I could ever use, need or give, but it will make my bond with my Descended Master Soulmate much stronger.

Lelahel recommends I be on good terms with the higher powers, as they will help me achieve success too. To earn their favor and unwavering support, I need to remember them often in my thoughts and prayers. I can also reach out to them during spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation. When I acknowledge the powers and universal energies of the Divine Beings, I'll start viewing myself in a more positive light as well, as the Angels and Masters will make me feel good about myself, and these positive vibes will have me approaching my future with a more hopeful perspective. Embracing an optimistic outlook and cultivating my spiritual life, will in turn, bring me peace and allow my soul to heal.

Lelahel councils me not to judge myself too harshly. Perfection is unattainable and everyone in the whole world has flaws, so be kind to yourself. There will always be people who criticize others and pressure them to participate in the rat race, but I Shouldn't try too hard to please anyone, as doing so is a recipe for stress, misery and frustration. Instead, I should heed the advice of the Angels and focus on my spiritual growth.

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