4/5/2022 A.

Mehiel No. 303= I was reading about all the astrological events that are happening in April 2022, and Mehiel gave me this message right after I finished.

This Angel No. 303 brings me the symbolism of peace and serenity, and this means that Mehiel wants me to find peace with everything and everyone- even those who have hurt me or angered me in the past.

The vibration of the No. 3 found in this sequence indicates the type of attention that Mehiel is trying to get from me and the special message ey is trying to send. The No. 0 is a powerful addition that symbolizes eternity, so Mehiel wishes that I would change my life completely during this event. Ey advises me to return to a place or state of peace.

The Angels have already told me that this month is important to my love life, and Mehiel is also telling me that it's spiritually important for me to keep faith in this love relationship and not give up just because it's the easy option. Ey says that the Ascended Masters will bring me more sleep time wisdom and a deeper understanding about the meaning of my life.

I may be hesitant to understand the significance of why I need to do this at first, but I'll soon see the reason for it to happen and allow my instincts to find a solution.

Mehiel advises me to slowly collect my thoughts and feelings in order to get rid of the chaos my life will bring about, as this peace is attainable if I'm willing to do the hard work to find it.

I believe this is the second major front the Angels want me to concentrate my efforts on in the coming weeks (see message 4/4/2022 A.), and the time period this message is associated with can also be connected to the 4/3/2022 A. message from Yehuyah and my Thought Adjuster.

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