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4/7/2022 A.

Rochel No. 944= is secretly influencing my life at this time by encouraging me to continue on and move towards my destiny. According to Rochel, it is my time to make active choices and decisions in order to start feeling responsible for things I do and am achieving. Therefore, I should focus on myself so I can become the highest and best version I can be and start living by my own truth. I need to believe that nothing is impossible for me to achieve if I want it desperately enough.

Rochel is encouraging me to love and nurture myself and others by focusing upon my life goals, values and dreams. Ey encourages me to look for new ventures in the field of spirituality-based work or careers, as this will allow the Angels and Archangels to support and assist me even further in my life purpose and soul mission.

Rochel assures me that I have the talent and skills needed to fulfill my spiritually based work and destiny, but my life should still revolve around serving humanity as a whole with my light-working and torch-bearing capabilities. As such, I need to make it my mission to work for the needy and destitute while showing them the light through my understanding of spirituality. The enlightenment and awareness I've achieved by awakening my soul is the most valuable asset I have to help myself and others.

The No. 944 is also related to my financial and material situation, as it promises to improve and help my achievement of big rewards by doing this.

Rochel is encouraging me to let go of the things and situations that are no longer positive by nature when the time comes. you see, as one door closes, many more will open for me, as the Angels will help me open these new doors of opportunity, which will in turn help me overcome my sorrows, grief and all the difficulties I'll be facing at that time.

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