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4/9/2022 A.

Caliel No. 233= is telling me to have a heart that believes in the Ascended Masters as well as myself, and this is the basic meaning of this message. Caliel says that I have a strong connection to an Ascended Master like Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary or Buddha, because they have all served others with love as well, so Caliel appeals to me to remain compassionate in my presence.

An Assembled Master is the lofty soul of a great spiritual leader or holy man who once existed in our world, and learning to be grateful like them will lead to my own transition into paradise.

It's good to be kind to oneself, but we also need the satisfaction of being valued by others. Yet, serving others with love and compassion also ends up creating a sense of loss such as self-sacrifice, but the Angels want me to experience this anyway by doing my best and serving humanity. For this service, I will be appreciated by others and my relationships will become even better with the Masters.

Angel No. 233 is a mixture of the energies in No. 2 and the vibrations of No. 3 twice, so this Angel number states that my present issues are permanent in this world. This is because its root number is 8 and this is the karmic number that represents a state of reiteration.

The characteristics of alliances, connections, duality, support and obligations to others are included in this number 2- along with a sense of balance, harmony, adaptability, receptivity and consideration, but the No. 2 also deals with the goals and tasks of my soul in this life.

The No. 3 represents self-expression and the connectivity that will allow me to communicate my desires. It shows me a sense of hope, excitement, natural ability, talent, amity, creativity, adventure, incentive, skill, affability, development and gifts.

That said, Caliel wants me to believe that there is a presence nearby that bestows great powers on me, and now I'm in a very good state by which my aspirations can come true and I can succeed in my challenges.

Caliel says that with this Ascended Master, I'll be able to create the ideal situation by working with a passion for the positive, so I should always remember that important individuals are on my side and supporting me, therefore, I need to believe in them too.

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