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4/9/2022 B.

Israfil No. 1000= This Angel number is being presented as a symbol of passion and love, and Israfil is saying that I shouldn't be sad about being stuck in my present state of perpetual servitude in this lifetime, because very soon I will meet someone important, and I will finally be happy!

This is due to the fact that Angel No. 1000 brings happiness into our love life, and as such, Israfil says that I will be very satisfied with this love situation, but I should keep our passion alive in this relationship. I'll have to be devoted to my partner and make hir feel happy and secure. I have to give my partner as much as I receive from hir. as this is the only way to have a sincere and successful relationship with this type of individual. but have on fear, the Angels will help me with that.

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