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5/1/2022 B.

I went to my bedroom window just before jumping into a late shower in order to see if there was anything going on out front, and Muriel had sent me a stick bug, which was clinging smack dab in the middle of the window.

This stick bug symbolism is a reminder that life is full of illusions; things that look like something but are actually something entirely different. In other words, I have to see through what I'm perceiving as fact in order to find the real truth hidden beneath it. Thus, Muriel says that it is now time to examine each of my beliefs one at a time so that I can discard anything that is blinding me from the truth.

This process takes time because it isn't concerning anything obvious or immediate happening in my life. However, this stick bug meaning is a warning from Muriel that what I see is not necessarily what I'm getting.

Muriel insists that I open my eyes, ears and mind today in order to discover a new truth. stillness and meditation will reveal alternate paths that may solidify my goals. It may also be prudent to keep my plans to myself for the time being.

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