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5/2/2022 A.

Israfil No. 111= This Angel No. 111 signifies the opening of an energetic gateway, which causes fast manifestations of my thoughts into reality. That's why it's very important for me to pay attention to my thoughts.

Israfil tells me to be careful and try to only think about the things I want to manifest into my life, never about those I fear. Use this period wisely, because the time has come to manifest my desires and goals that are aligned with my soul mission and purpose in this life.

This Angel number is also an encouragement to start using my inner wisdom and intuition, as well as my other gifts in order to help others and humanity as a whole. Help raise other peoples' spiritual knowledge and awareness. Israfil mentions that I'm being supported by the universe and the Angels on this mission.

+-As I was writing this message, Israfil sung me the song "Labyrinth of dreams" by Blue Stone, and here are the lyrics:

To be aware of a passionate transition before warnings of the past intervene.

A labyrinth of dreams.

A visual release.

These moments unseen.

A labyrinth of dreams.

A visual release.

These moments unseen.

A labyrinth of dreams.

A visual release.

These moments unseen (3x).

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