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5/2/2022 B.

Mehiel No.303= When I went out in front of my house to take a break, I noticed two butterflies drowning in the water troughs, and it's hard for me to see anything suffer, so I went out and saved them.

The blue butterfly represents being at peace with my life and feeling calm & joyful in my situation. These butterflies where sent to me by muriel, and ey wants me to look for value in my life.

The white butterfly represents purity, spiritual transition, spiritual communication, good luck, abundance and peace. White butterflies show up when we are experiencing a deep energetic shift, allowing us to become more aware of ourselves and our surroundings spiritually.

Right after I received this animal spirit message, I went back into the house and got the message No. 303, then the internet went out and I wasn't able to extract the message tell the next day. It's as if something didn't want me to get this message, but Mehiel was persistent and gave me the same message first thing the next morning automatically.

This Angel No. 303 message is about peace, serenity, adventure and spontaneity. While it might not seem like these things go well together, it really comes down to how we handle the adventure and spontaneity aspects. That's because, while we often think of peace and serenity as being in a quiet room, the truth is that we often find peace and serenity when we're out on an adventure and don't have the time to overthink anything.

If all this sounds like a bit too much though, don't worry. Mehiel says that a Master is currently overlooking my life- that would be my Descended Master Soulmate- and ey will help guide me to where I need to be. Masters such as Ascended or Descended Masters, are a powerful spiritual force that can help push our life in the right direction, even if we're facing tough challenges.

It's also possible that the peace and serenity I'll be experiencing will come before and after my adventure, but it's impossible to narrow down exactly how my life is going to play out in order to fit this 303 Angel code. So, I should keep an open mind and learn to accept whatever life may throw my way.

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