5/2/2022 C.

Descended Master Soulmate No. 522/522= The energy represented by the 3-digit number 522 is a kind of artistic energy. It resonates with distinct waves of a time of endings and marked resonances of the end of a cycle. It's also a number that has a distinct humanitarian sense to it, vibrating with the energy of charity and appreciation for all of humanity. This elevated consciousness for mankind often manifests in creative outputs and creative brilliance, yet the No.522 has a certain caring feeling as well.

Since No. 522 gets reduced to the root No.9, we have to consider its meaning and how it influences the number 522. As the last "pure" number in the cycle of 1-9, it occupies an interesting position. Nine broadly marks the closing of cycles, and has an energy of near completion about it, yet it also gives us a glimpse of the future of the next cycle. In opposition to the No. 1, which represents the raw power of creation, the harmonious No. 9 adds the energy of "finality" and a discernable feeling of closure to the equation. It is important to remember though, that with this closure comes the message of renewal and a future explosion of creative genesis.

The fact that No. 522 has a lot in common with the root number 9, as they both possess a deeply conclusive energy of wisdom and giving, we must also concede that the root No. 9 is like a blurry image of No. 522's true, detailed meaning.

The No. 5 corresponds with change, and because it represents the center of the 1-9 numerical cycle, it's sometimes called the "pivot number," or the number which other numbers rotate around. It's adaptable and forever changing, while being capable of thriving in almost any environment or situation. Its mutable nature makes it a social number, which can co-exist with just about anyone. it also has a naturally inquisitive nature, and never stops adventuring.

The No. 2 represents a gentle, equalizing dynamic which brings harmony to the surrounding forces. Therefore, this soulful number has a peaceful, harmonious effect and it emanates an aura of cooperation. As such, whenever disagreements arise, the No. 2 is a welcome and potent force. It's often considered a feminine or motherly energy type, because of its calming yet firm character, as we find that the No. 2 excels at forms of sympathetic and emotional intelligence. But we must understand that the number 2's power is doubled in this sequence too.

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