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5/4/2022 A.

Yehuyah No. 355= "There are going to be some very significant changes that may miraculously change your life. During that time, hear the masters' guidance and seek their support."

The Divine meaning of Angel No. 355 is as follows. Its symbolization is indicative of really important changes in my life, so Yehuyah states it is time for me to clarify what I wish to try and do and set a solid course for it. Ey says that I mustn't adapt to my current surroundings. Instead, I should prioritize positive and fun choices. I need to believe that my thoughts have tremendous power right now. When I do this, I need to proceed in the process of discarding my old thoughts, as it is time for me to be released from those beliefs I've simply believed I could not believe and also the past that has cursed me.

Beside me is that soul of a good individual from my past referred to as the Descended Master Soulmate or simply my D.M. Soulmate, and the organized space in my mind gives hir a stronger relationship connection to me through my creativity and offers me a replacement way of thinking. This D.M. Soulmate is trying to guide me to a joyful life, so Yehuyah asks that I please take the messages from hir in a positive way.

Yehuyah asks me to re-evaluate the type of romance and love I'm really looking for. Re-evaluate what people say a relationship of this nature should be like. Now that I'll have a chance to satisfy my wishes, I'll want to alter my consciousness so that I'll be able to fulfill whatever "I" wish. Therefore, Yehuyah asks me to please enjoy these new communications by learning to value my unusual relationship and the actions designed to alter the flow.

Yehuyah wants me to understand that dates aren't the same as the nights I spend with my D.M. Soulmate. In light of this understanding, it should be easier for me to figure out hir messages if I concentrate on the messages as a form of date which is a part of our heathy relationship in a professional manner, not a personal interaction between us as a romantic couple.

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