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5/6/2022 A.

Yehuyah No. 222= states that it's the right time to start cooperating with the divine. My physical Guardian Angel wants me to pay attention to the physical world around me. Prioritizing the relationships with my inner self and people that are close to me is the focus here.

In general, every relationship in my life begins with me and my connection with the spiritual side of this world. This core relationship establishes the pattern of every other relationship I have, and it helps me see the purpose of my life more clearly. So, Yehuyah wants me to remember that my life is a massive network of connections with the physical world, and in order for them to become stable, I need to find a path to the spiritual side of myself and the rest of the world as well.

Yehuyah says that my true self is my real and eternal identity. It never changes- no matter what is going on in my life at the moment. As I learn more and more about my inner self, I'll become aware of the desires of my soul. When I realize that my subconscious wish to change is more significant than the desire to stay in my comfort zone, I'll be ready for a transformation.

At this time, I'll simply come to understand that the key to finding this point of self-cooperation is by letting the Angels guide me on this journey. Ey says that it might seem like I have no choice, as I can't control what's coming my way. However, the fact is that by trying to change the outcome of particular situations, I'm actually telling the Divine that I don't trust It.

When I begin to believe, I'll come to accept everything that comes my way. Instead of resisting, I'll allow things to happen the way they should be happening. I need to realize that it's not about giving up, it's about trusting the Divine and its vision designed to lead me to a better place.

I need to always remember that my instincts are directly linked to the Divine through the creator within me. So, when I listen to it in this fashion, I'll be able to avoid many unfortunate mistakes on my path through life. Therefore, the best way to show that I trust the Divine is to simply trust myself. Cooperating in this way is about letting go of my sense of control and allowing the Divine to step into my life. As such, it becomes an act of freedom which will change my reality for the better and bring new resources into this world to help me.

By trusting the Divine, I'll always be able to find the right solution for any situation that I might find myself stumped by. All I have to do is open myself up to the new possibilities that are coming my way.

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