5/6/2022 B.

Descended Master Soulmate No. 77= I was just telling myself, "Being an adult really such's!" I realize that I'm blessed in so many ways in these harsh and depressive times, but being a human adult is still a lot of stress, very lonely and burdensome.

My D.M. Soulmate responded promptly by saying, the number 77 is double the quality of No. 7, and 7 signifies wisdom, spiritual awakening, enlightenment, intuition and the possession of psychic powers. It signifies good luck and good tidings in everything I indulge in.

This No. 77 shows that my future will be bright if I only work hard to make it so. The vibration of No. 7 in my life also brings spiritual awareness with it. So, when I hear the voice of the Divine Beings, I shouldn't be afraid to heed them, as I will receive great insight into my Lifes' work.

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