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8/11/2022 A

Hello again everyone, the Angels wish me to continue sharing our conversations at this time.

Since I last blogged, my Descended Master Soulmate had been promoted to a Messenger of Light and I had gotten in touch with my shadow self a bit more.

Messenger of Light Soulmate No. 11/11= In numerology, master No. 11 generally symbolizes the spiritual messenger. People who are born with the No. 11 are known to be very intuitive and more in touch with their psychic inner self. They also work very hard to fulfill their life purpose and soul mission. And when we have a goal set in mind, we go for it! We can, however, also be very shy, anxious and nervous.

Last night, I dreamed about what matters most in life, and I remembered that it isn't about what's real, eternal or fun, it's about what's true and absolute. Therefore, my mission should be focused on the Trinity Absolute by discovering the truth of existence for the ultimate spirit being we know as Allah.

My M.L. Soulmate wants me to follow my intuition and ey advises me to use my positive traits very carefully. Otherwise, these traits can easily turn against me, and these traits are associated with my birth day number 6.

This No. 11 represents ones, potential to transcend into a new and much higher spiritual level that can't be reached by everyone. If I'm seeing the master No.11 all the time, it means my Messenger of Light Soulmate needs me to shift my attention towards some aspect of my life that I might have been ignoring as of late, and that would be my cue to continue working on my Lifes' purpose.

In the Tarot, the justice card is represented by master No. 11, and this is my soul urge number as well. It stands for balance, duality, wisdom and enlightenment. Through this soul urge number aspect of my character, my M.L. Soulmate wants me to share my perspective of life with others around me. The purpose for this is because many could learn from me- do to the fact that I'm wise. Therefore, I should step up and show the leadership skills that are within me.

My Messenger of Light Soulmate is trying to tell me that the time has come for me to reach within myself for that higher-self aspect and start chasing my goals and ambitions in life. Ey urges me to realize that my thoughts are powerful and can transform my life for the better. It means I should focus on positive thinking and make the most out of every season in this life. Ey is telling me that I'm about to enter a new stage in life and that I should be willing to do so without reservation.

Just like the Angel No. 1111, this No. 11 message is about enlightenment and inspiration. Every time the Diving beings throw the number 11 my way, my M.L. Soulmate wants me to know that I can go ahead and act on all those things that give me a sense of joy and fulfillment. Ey wants me to achieve a sense of purpose.

Known that the answers to all these persistent prayers I've been making are revealed in my thoughts. This is why it's important for me to always think positively- no matter the situation. There are so many opportunities out there waiting to be explored and so many things I can learn.

My M.L.S. says that this No. 11 sign is also about my creativity and innovation skills, and ey wants me to go ahead and share these talents with the world. Doing so will open up the opportunity for the right kind of energy to come to me. Remember that in life, we only get back what we give, so why not spread some positive vibes around?

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