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8/11/2022 AC

Messenger of Light Soulmate No. 811/811= The number 811 starts with the digit No. 8, which carries a complex meaning here. It is linked to the negative forces- both in an external and internal way- that is constraining and holding me back.

This No. 8 is essentially related to consequences and the future impact of the decisions that I make today. That's why it's connected with the Devil Card in the Tarot. The cycle period I just went through in my second phase of the life had an expression number of 15/6, which was all about loving the Devils way in the traditional interpretation of the Tarot cards, but it is here to remind me that there is always a reverse side to every coin.

The No. 8 in this sequence is followed by two ones, which together make the Master Number 11. The No. 1 is linked with new beginnings and new opportunities. It's also linked with the creative forces of the universe and my own power to create my life through my own decisions, actions and attitude. The Master No. 11 is a symbol of intuition, and this No. 811 message behooves me to take positive action in order to release myself from the negative influences of this oppressive situation and make the right decision today to shape my future.

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