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8/11/2022 B

When I got up to stretch this afternoon, I walked to the front door to see what was going on, and a brown grasshopper was sitting on the screen door at eye height. This was a message from Muriel, and ey wants me to ask myself. "Do I look too long before I leap? Am I having trouble singing my soul song? Do I need more faith in my own psychic senses?" Well, this spirit animal can teach me how to keep true to my unique voice and whether I should jump into a situation or simply remain grounded.

When a grasshopper appears in an unusual place at home, it's often regarded as good fortune! So, when a grasshopper jumps into our life, we can expect joy and happiness to soon follow.

This grasshopper represents my higher senses; that which connects me to the Angels and other Divine beings. As we develop these connections, we can learn to trust our instincts more deeply. That said, grasshoppers usually live in the grass where it's closer to the ground, so its meaning includes the balance of spiritual and mundane matters.

Muriel is trying to tell me that I should get ready for new awakenings and big leaps of faith! This grasshopper has appeared to let me know that now is the time to sharpen and believe in my intuition, and that I can believe what messages I'm getting from the Divine today.

While all this might be very exciting, Muriel also wants to remind me to stay grounded during this adventure with its brown color. Don't just fly off with some fanciful idea. Keep my head, heart and spirit in sync. Psychic predictions and Divine messages can be very real, but they require experience and discernment before acting upon them. That said, Muriel wants me to be aware that it's time for me to speak my truth and sing my own soul song!

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