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8/12/2022 A

Messenger of Light Soulmate No. 12/12= This No. 12 is a sign of divine order. Therefore, we can find this mystical number hidden in the most sacred spaces of life. For example, there are 12 months in a year, 12 signs of the western zodiac, 12 Chinese astrological animals 12 disciples in the New Testament, 12 inches in a foot, etc...

12 is the number of space/time: the first and second dimensions are added together to form our third dimensional plane of existence. Time on our world is even measured by two groups of 12-hour periods. The No. 12 is also found to encompass the Holy Trinity of our cosmic father with the No. 1, the Mother Spirit with No. 2, and the son with the number 3. This is a philosophy that lives in many cultures, and the reason many cultures believe in the divinity of the No. 12 or the Trinity in general, is that it holds the key to the spiritual work that needs to get done in our material lives in order to complete our spiritual duties.

You see, the sacred geometry of the No. 12 is what's holding the material plan together. Let me explain, in astrology, there are 12 houses in which the planets and the 12 signs travel through. These houses represent the karmic cycle of existence, which in the tarot is represented by the Wheel of Fortune card No. 10 in our cosmos. The No. 10 ends a sequence of numbers and begins a new sequence. Therefore, the tenth trump card shows a turning wheel which holds together all aspects of life from identity, money, creativity, expression, love, marriage, health, career, family, children, friendship to spirituality.

Now, the twelfth astrological house of subconscious and spirituality is where our spirit releases all the desires and possessions that it has collected throughout the soul cycle. Then, the spirit goes back to the source once again to start a new cycle through these twelve karmic aspects.

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