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8/13/2022 A

Haiaiel No. 155= Early this morning, I woke up and felt the embrace of warm wings of light rapping around me. This No. 155 is a sign that major changes are about to take place in my life. It can be scary because change comes with some level of discomfort, and it takes time to get used to them.

Haiaiel protects us with hir luminous aura and leads us to victory, bravery and courage. As such, ey asks me to do away with my fears and accept this change with a positive mind. this change is for my own good and for the realization of my souls' mission.

Haiaiel is urging me to take charge of my life and do things I want to do. Everyone has goals and passions, and this Angel No. 155 encourages me to follow my dreams. The fear of the unknown traps a lot of people and makes them stagnant. Haiaiel tells me not to let this be the case here!

The spiritual significance of No. 155 is to not be afraid of following our heart, and Haiaiel wants me to know that this applies to my love life as well. Remember, positive expectations are powerful enough to bring things into reality.

Haiaiel is an Angel which teaches us about leadership, and when dealing with the spiritual meaning of No. 155, we need to first reduce it to a single root number. The sum of 1+5+5 is 11 and the No. 11 is the symbol of karmic enlightenment, as well as my soul urge number. This number signifies creating positive expectations in order to allow these karmic teachings to free me from my fears and struggles, as Haiaiel help us achieve freedom from those who oppress us. Ey says that ignoring these karmic teachings will put me in constant fear of change and the unknown while also preventing me from achieving my personal transformation and living a positive life.

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