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8/15/2022 A

Pahaliah No. 1212= It's no secret that thoughts radiate energy into our lives. We often change our reality by thinking a certain way, but never realize it. Angel No. 1212 is a sign from Pahaliah that I have manifested success and vitality into my life during this super full moon.

Pahaliah says I'm on the threshold of achieving great things. At this stage, it's essential that I keep my spirit positive and not let negativity affect me- whether it ends up coming from within or from others. My strength and composure in the face of adversity is what has helped me get this far, so I shouldn't doubt myself now. Insecurities and inhibitions can hinder my advances. As such, Pahaliah asks me to keep moving forward with renewed vigor in my Lifes' work, and I will achieve what I set out to do.

This Angel No. 1212 is a sign of good fortune and an omen of faith. Pahaliah sees my passion and talents, so this number is a sign that I need to have faith in myself too. I know myself better than anyone, and all the decisions I make in my life should be made by me, so I shouldn't give into self-doubt and give someone else control over my life. Pahaliah asks me to have confidence in myself and my capabilities. I have the potential to do amazing things and my emotion guardian Angel is sending me a message stating that they are all within my reach.

Pahaliah says I also need to take good care of myself. Be kind and treat myself to some self-care. Ey asks me to take a good look at the people I spend time with. If I find that someone brings negativity or toxicity into my life, ey asks me to cut them out of my life and sever the relationships that are depleting my energy. Instead, I should try to surround myself with positive people who share my drive and ambition. It will make a difference in my life and things will change for the better by doing so.

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