8/15/2022 B

When I went out on the back porch to feed the cats this morning, my black cat was preoccupied by something out in the forest. When I looked for myself, there was a beautiful coyote walking along the edge of the tree line. My cat obviously saw this as a threat, but Archeangel Muriel actually sent it to me as a symbol of happiness.

Seeing this beautiful coyote spirit animal is a sign of true joy. When we have this spirit animal hanging around the house, it's often bringing us a simple message to be more joyful and content. You see, in the spirit world, the coyote spirit is an omen of happiness, not so much a trickster. Therefore, it's one of the best animals in the physical world to communicate a sense of joy and contentment, so Muriel is trying to tell me I should be happy.

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