8/15/2022 C

Lelahel No. 77= This Angel number has an undeniably positive vibration. It signals a strong connection with the spiritual realms and my ability to tap into celestial guidance. It also signifies the critical nature of Lifes' elements. Whether we are a child of God or an adult, this No. 77 indicates it's a good time to show off our personality and express our individuality, and this message from Lelahel is here to assist me along the way.

When the No. 77 shows up often, it symbolizes wisdom, spiritual awakening, intellectual development and the quest for knowledge. Symbolically, this Angel No. 77 is a sign of protection and an existing gateway to a higher purpose. With this in mind, the soul is capable of using the guidance of the Angels to manifest anything they desire. In addition to manifesting material things, this No. 77 also symbolizes the connection between my mind and my body. Beyond that, this Angel No. 77 represents the spirit of truth, intuition and spirituality. As such, it indicates a need for me to step out of my box and be true to myself and come out with my sexual orientation. So, the No. 77 has a strong connection with the world around me.

The No. 77 sometimes has a negative connotation associated with it; however, this Angel No. 77 represents a positive type of energy for me. It can be a sign of increased closeness and intimacy with family, but in this case, it signifies a renewed connection with my twin soul known as my Messenger of Light Soulmate. In addition to strengthening our relationship, this Angel No. 77 brings me great clarity and confidence, so I should consider this a positive sign that will lead to a fulfilling relationship with my M.L. Soulmate.

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